Our Dental Technology in Wexford, PA

Why Dental Technology is Important

Technology has improved our lives and may greatly change our lives in the coming years. Just like these important inventions, dental technology has also been advancing to make oral treatments easier for patients.

These incredible machines and tools can make your dental experience quicker and more comfortable. That’s why Dr. Gabriel makes sure to keep his office equipped with the latest and safest technology. Learn how each piece of technology can help you.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays help our dental team detect issues that aren’t visible to the human eye. Digital x-rays require less radiation, take less time, and are available immediately⎼ so we’ll be able to know if you need treatment quicker. We’ll be able to see cavities before they even begin to cause issues for you, and we’ll treat them with minimally invasive procedures.


For more detailed cavity detection, Dr. Gabriel uses a DIAGNOdent machine. If we see an area of concern on your x-ray, we can be certain whether it’s a cavity or another issue by using this incredible piece of equipment.

Intraoral Camera

Regular dental visits consist of a physical and visual examination, but it can be tough to see all areas of the mouth. Intraoral cameras are small, pen-shaped objects with a camera on the end that can fit easily into the mouth. They provide high-quality images of areas we can’t normally see, allowing Dr. Gabriel to take better care of your oral health.


Cavity treatment just got better. With this innovative treatment, Dr. Gabriel can easily disinfect your tooth using a painless and non-invasive treatment. HealOzone uses ozone gas to help clear away the bacterial infection and rebuild your tooth.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers and dentistry may seem like an odd pair, but laser dentistry is an incredible advancement that makes many treatments better. Hard-tissue lasers can improve cavity treatments and tooth shaping methods because it’s more precise. Soft-tissue lasers cause less damage to the gums and promote healing, leading to a quicker recovery.


Serious oral diseases aren’t always obvious. Some diseases, such as oral cancer, are often detected too late for easy treatment. That’s why oral cancer is sometimes referred to as a silent killer. But with the help of VELscope, Dr. Gabriel can easily detect abnormalities early on⎼ so you can be treated with the least invasive treatments.

Cone Beam CT Scans

CBCT scans are incredibly useful for many dental situations. While x-rays can show us a picture of certain areas of your mouth to detect cavities, CBCT gives us a broader picture. The scan takes less than one minute but shows us a full 3D picture of your jaw and head.

Dr. Gabriel uses CBCT scans to help plan dental treatments such as dental implant placement and evaluation of the position of your teeth and jaw for treatment.

Superior Air Filtration

A steady flow of clean air is essential for keeping viruses and bacteria from spreading. That’s why our office is equipped with an air filtration system that keeps you safe from sickness. The air is surgically clean for ultimate safety during your visits.

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