Dental Sealants in Wexford, PA

Protect Your Smile With Sealants

It’s common for plaque and harmful bacteria to build up on the surface of your teeth, and over time these substances can wear away the enamel and cause serious damage. If this happens, you may require expensive restorative procedures like root canals and grafts. Fortunately, at our Wexford office, we offer dental sealants as an effective and protective solution designed to preserve your oral health.

Learn from Dr. Gabriel if sealants may be a good option to protect your smile.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin layers of protective coating applied to your teeth. Made from safe, BPA-free plastic, they’re virtually unnoticeable but effectively seal out bacteria. Dental sealants are incredible for keeping vulnerable teeth safe from cavities. While normally recommended for children, adults can greatly benefit from sealants too.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

Sealants are an excellent option for patients who want to protect their teeth from cavities and decay. Sealants are often applied to a patient’s molars because they’re the most challenging teeth to clean, meaning most bacteria buildup occurs in their grooves. We recommend sealants for children mainly to protect their temporary back teeth from cavities while growing and developing. For adults, sealants are most frequently used to preserve a tooth’s health while waiting for a more comprehensive treatment.

As far as restorative dentistry options go, there are numerous benefits to dental sealants, including:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Healthier mouth
  • Durable, safe material
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Comfortable fit 

Are You a Candidate for Sealants?

Sealants can be a great option for many people. While they’re commonly recommended for children, sealants provide many benefits for adults, too. Dr. Gabriel may place sealants if you:

  • Have teeth with hard-to-clean pits
  • Have plaque buildup on your molars
  • Vulnerable to decay 
  • Have an exposed tooth while waiting for dental care 

The Dental Sealant Process

It’s very easy to apply dental sealants, and the procedure is non-invasive. The whole process typically takes about an hour, and we can complete it right in our Wexford office.

First, Dr. Gabriel will deep-clean the teeth receiving the sealant in order to remove all bacteria and plaque that has built up. He’ll then apply a dental-grade bonding agent that will help secure the sealant to your teeth.

Dr. Gabriel will apply the liquid material to fill the grooves and crevices of your teeth, forming a tight seal to keep out dangerous substances. The sealants are purposefully clear so the doctor can inspect them easily during future visits. Finally, we will harden the sealants using a special UV light to ensure they’re comfortable in your bite and you’re ready to go!

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