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Protect Your Smile Against Oral Disease

Dr. Gabriel offers a range of services for people to repair and improve their smiles. But the best thing you can do to have a beautiful smile is to protect it from oral disease. The ultimate defensive strategy involves a comprehensive at-home oral care routine as well as regular visits to your dentist.

Learn how Dr. Gabriel and our incredible team can help you maintain a gorgeous smile, as well as repair your teeth when oral health issues affect you.

What Does a Regular Dental Visit Include?

Dental Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth at home is a vital part of keeping your teeth healthy and sparkling. But even the best of us have trouble reaching every area of our mouths consistently. There are some hard-to-reach areas that can be vulnerable to harmful oral bacteria if they aren’t cared for properly. The plaque in these spots can harden, making it nearly impossible to remove without professional tools.

That’s where we come in. Twice a year, we’ll clean every area of your teeth professionally. We’re able to easily take off the hardened plaque to prevent it from forming into cavities, as well as polish your teeth so they sparkle.

Dental Examination

As a part of your regular appointment, we’ll examine your teeth and mouth for potential issues. The exam is a vital part of your oral hygiene visit because we can often detect oral health problems before they begin to cause pain or serious damage.

The earlier an oral health issue is detected, the less invasive procedure you’ll need to recover from it. You’ll be able to maintain a more beautiful smile and worry less about potential oral health complications.

Dental X-Rays

During your exam, we’ll perform a visual and physical check of your teeth and gums. But sometimes, there are areas that can be difficult to see. That’s why we use dental x-rays to find very small or hard-to-reach areas of decay. X-rays are typically taken once a year unless we suspect you have tooth decay we can’t see.

Our office uses digital x-ray machines, which are more comfortable than traditional x-rays and take less time. They also expose you to much less radiation, making them easier and safer overall.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is difficult to notice until it becomes a major issue. But by that point, invasive treatment may be the only possible option. Dr. Gabriel has a better way of detecting oral cancer and other tissue abnormalities⎼ the best part is, it can be performed as a part of your regular exam.

We’ll check the soft tissues in your mouth physically and visually for any lumps, discoloration, and other signs of oral cancer. Dr. Gabriel also uses VELscope technology to help detect abnormal areas of tissue in your mouth that aren’t visible to the human eye.

How We Can Fix Oral Infections

Dental Fillings

If we detect a cavity on one of your teeth, Dr. Gabriel will recommend a dental filling. A cavity forms when bacteria eat through the enamel of your tooth, resulting in a hole. The bacteria will continue drilling a hole into your tooth unless they’re stopped in their tracks.

Dr. Gabriel will clean out the infected part of your tooth and remove any affected tooth materials. Then, he can fill in the hole with a natural-looking filling that’ll protect your tooth from further infection and keep your smile looking natural.

Root Canal Therapy

Cavities are common, so they may not seem like a big deal. But if you leave a cavity without treatment, the bacteria will continue through the layers of your tooth until they reach the center. In the center of your tooth, important and sensitive nerves and tissue are stored. They can become severely painful when affected by bacteria and the infection threatens your entire tooth.

Learn more about how Dr. Gabriel can save your tooth when you’re in this situation.


If root canal therapy isn’t an option or doesn’t work for your tooth, it may have to be extracted. Dr. Gabriel will do everything he can to save your natural tooth. However, sometimes it’s necessary for the benefit of your oral health to remove the source of the problem.

Dealing with a tooth extraction can be difficult, but Dr. Gabriel can help you recover. He offers beautiful and natural-looking tooth replacements, such as dental implants, that can fully restore your smile.

Periodontal Treatment

Oral infections don’t just affect your teeth. Periodontal disease can be just as harrowing as a root canal infection and threaten your smile. When oral bacteria make it below your gumline, they can attack your tooth roots directly and lead to gum recession as well as tooth loss.

Learn how Dr. Gabriel can help you reverse the effects of gum disease and get your smile back.

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