Invisalign® Treatment in Wexford, PA

The Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign has changed the game when it comes to straightening teeth. Rather than needing metal brackets and wires attached to your teeth, you could get a more beautiful smile discreetly. Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, so you won’t have to worry about smiling for the camera or making a good first impression.

Should You Get Braces or Invisalign?

While Invisalign is often a great choice for people, there are some smiles that may be more effectively straightened with traditional braces. Invisalign’s benefits do come with limitations. The invisible aligners are recommended for people whose teeth don’t need too much movement, such as for people who previously had braces but whose teeth have shifted.

The only way to know whether you’re a candidate is to schedule a consultation with an experienced Invisalign provider such as Dr. Gabriel. He can tell you whether Invisalign can improve your smile and what your options are.

The Invisalign Process

1. Consultation

At your Invisalign consultation, Dr. Gabriel will examine your teeth and jaw. He’ll perform a visual examination and take x-rays or digital scans to look at the position of your teeth. From this information, he’ll develop a treatment plan for you. Dr. Gabriel will let you know if Invisalign is the best orthodontic option for you.

If you’re a candidate for Invisalign, your scans can be sent to the laboratory to begin creating your first set of aligners. This can take a few weeks to complete.

2. Getting Your First Aligners

Once your first set of aligners is ready, we’ll let you know so you can come back to our office. Dr. Gabriel will make sure they fit on your teeth and go over care instructions with you. Once you’re clear on how to use the aligners on a daily basis, you’ll be able to begin your Invisalign treatment.

3. Everyday Wear & Replacement

You’ll wear your aligners for about 20 to 22 hours a day, every day. You can remove your aligners for cleaning and eating but they should stay in your mouth most of the time, even while you sleep. It’s important to wear your aligners for the recommended amount of time to keep your treatment on track.

Every two weeks, you’ll receive a new set of aligners to continue your treatment. You can opt to receive them by mail or come by Dr. Gabriel’s office to pick them up. This cycle will continue until your treatment is finished.

Invisalign vs At-Home Aligners: The Untold Risks

At-home aligners have become a popular idea. It sounds extremely convenient to straighten your teeth with aligners without ever needing to visit a dentist’s office. But there are serious risks to these entirely at-home treatments that can leave you needing more dental work than before.

A dentist who never physically examines your teeth may not detect issues in time to be corrected. Large problems can develop that could’ve been avoided entirely due to the lack of actual dental appointments.

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